B E F O R E  &  A F T E R   2
Entry had awkward steps with a small landing, and brick was dated. Pergola was very low and made entry feel uncomfortable.
Pergola and steps removed, new Sydney Peak steps and landing added. New pergola with proper height and detail added. Sydney Peak veneer added to risers and walls.
Seatwall in awkward place, bad landscaping, bad pavement, underutilized space.
Serving counter with polished concrete top, drawers, storage, refrigerator replaces seatwall. New stone paving, patio enlarged and fireplace added.
No entrance!
That's what I'm talking about.
Very dated gate.
Kept the caps, plastered over the brick, new lights, address numbers and gate.
Just grass, and steps to nowhere. Kinda mean.
Dated boulder pool.
Covered the boulders with shotcrete and Sydney Peak stone, added baja shelf, new patio above pool, new pebbletec plaster.
Not much going on.
New splash pool with decks each side, and a built-in BBQ.
Larger paver deck, pergola with plaster columns, bbq with bar seating.
Not much going on.
House remodeled, walls plastered, splash pool, olive trees, pavers, firepit in foreground.
Dated, underutilized.
New concrete patio with grass strips, bbq, water features in pool.
Strange and unusable.
New pool, deck, pavers, landscape.
Messy storage greets guests as they come into the backyard. Scared a lot of friends away.
Sliding bamboo doors help to keep friends at the party.
Abandoned, and for good reason.
Splash pool, firepit, pergola-- now we have a functional, aesthetically pleasing space.
Dated, crowded, client wanted a modern look.
Replaced Tuscan columns with stone, reduced fireplace opening and stone veneered the face, painted ceiling white to make it feel bigger, new pavers and precast steps.
Too much stone and too many different kinds.
Replaced stone face with mosaic tile, precast concrete for coping, and covered the busy small rocks on the slope with concrete"rocks" for a more natural look.

Old world look is fine but not for everyone.
New owners wanted a cleaner,  modern look.
New pool plaster, tile, firepit, pavers, hedge, Baja shelf.
Not a lot of fun.
New water feature, pavers, precast coping, plaster. The hedge will hide the sheds in a couple years.
Dated, with the walls closing in the firepit space.
Same firepit, with new cap and walls removed; now it's open to the rest of the yard.
Dated bbq area
New pavers, granite and bbq.
The slope and ugly wall came way into the yard
Old wall removed, slope cut back, new wall built.
Just really sad.
New everything.
Same sadness as above.
Amazing what changing surfaces can do-- plus adding the fireplace..