B E F O R E  &  A F T E R
Dated pool. And where did they find that color!?
New pebbletec plaster, tile, poured/colored concrete coping, and pavers replace the concrete deck. New pool!
Dated, in big trouble.
New pool, pavers, outdoor kitchen, pergola, palms. Brand new yard!
Same project as above from a different angle.
Still horrible.
From this angle you can see the fireplace.
Enough said.
New pool with an infinity edge replaces old fiberglass pool.
70's pool with no space around it. Whoops.
Paver deck added with firepit and built-in bench, new coping and tile on the pool.
New splash pool, pavers, walls raised and plastered, landscape.
Yard dominated by giant oak, space not usable.
Sunken area created with wall wrapping the oak, built-in bench, pavers with upper patio with pergola.
Dated pool, bbq, pavers...
What a difference!
Ouch, hurts just looking at it.
New pavers, Pennsylvania Bluestone coping, pergola, bbq, planting, pool plaster.
Crying for help.
New pool/spa, pavers, pergola, deck, planting, and now the party starts.
Call the design police.
All new-- cancel the design police.
Don't panic! Help is on the way.
New splash pool, pergola, pavers, bbq. My job is done here.
Client wanted to change old world look...
So we did.
Same project as above: too much stone and murky water.
Mosaic tile replaced stone, new plaster provides richer, more inviting water color.
Underutilized space, dated.
BBQ with granite counter, pavers, wall plastered-- now a useful space.
The usual dated brick and very strange pool tile.
Baja shelf added, new pool tile and plaster, pavers and precast coping, plaster over slump stone wall, new hedge on its way to blocking neighbor's house.
We've seen it before-- the dated pool.
New precast coping, tile, mini pebble plaster, and upper deck lowered with two water features added. New pool!
Ready for a face lift.
All new, with a firepit and a bench with a back, bbq, pavers, plaster, precast coping.
Yet another dated pool-- pink pavers?
New coping, pavers, tile, plaster, etc.
In really bad shape; pool equipment in your face
 [ behind fence], no place to sit, original pool.
Jacuzzi added, new upper deck w/ firepit, pool remodeled, and pool equipment relocated out of sight.